System Integration

Retail Systems Integration


Retail shopping should be a unique experience for every customer. Seeing products in the correct lighting is a key to successful retail businesses. Having easy control over complex lighting to control complex lighting at the touch of a button is a requirement for ever retail manager. Let ILC do the work to make both of these elements come together for retail.


Hospitality Systems Integration

First impressions are important welcoming guests to your resort, hotel or restaurant with warm and inviting lighting is a key to success. ILC has the technology to make lighting beautiful and functional in hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs.


Architectural Systems Integration


Building owners and managers are consistently trying to improve the tenant experience and draw people to their building. State of the art lighting and controls, can dramatically improve the tenant experience. Let ILC light the way with industry leading products, experience and project management.


Exhibit Systems Integration

Museums bring history to life and tell a great story. ILC has worked on hundreds of museum and exhibit applications to help curators tell the story. Integrating lighting controls into an existing system or starting from scratch is easy for ILC.